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                    Provital Group

                    Provital Group is a trusted supplier ofnatural active ingredients for skin and hair care products across the world. Weprovide a complete range of natural actives and extracts to fit the needs ofyour formulations and meet your product requirements. Our expertise ininnovative products is parallel to our respect for the environment and thecommitment with the people. Our R&D team discover unique natural activeingredients and create innovative products. Three-Dimensional Colloidal Matrixis our innovative technology to enhance active efficiency. Melavoid?, Lipout?and Baicapil? won the BSB Innovation Prizes and Sepawa Innovation Prize forseveral times.

                    We cooperate with colleges and researchcenters to develop the analysis method. Based on the safety of the products,effective clinical testing and evaluating of their special efficacy in skin andhair care application are ensured before new product promotion. We provide ourcustomers more effective, more durable and more environmentally friendlysolutions. Most of our products have ECOCERT or Natural AssociationCertification.

                    We provide more than 300 kinds of botanicalextracts and active ingredients throughout 75 countries, meeting variousapplication needs. We have long term cooperation with many famous cosmeticcompanies, such as GUERLAIN, DIOR and NIVEA.

                    We understand our business as creating abridge between the invisible world and the visible one, between the in-vitroand in-vivo, from the cells to the skin to make visible and perceptible beautyand wellness.