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                    Headquarteredin Avignon, France, Naturex manufactures natural specialty ingredients for theFood, Nutrition, Health and Personal Care Industries. Naturex was founded in1992 and listed on the Paris Stock Exchange since 1996. In order to optimizethe production of its ingredients, Naturex has fifteen manufacturing sitesstrategically located on different continents around the globe, such as Europe,the United States, Brazil, Australia, Morocco and India,etc.

                    Thecompany’s industrial equipment is constantly updated and developed in order tooffer the best technical performance. Naturex has one of the largest extractionand spray drying capabilities worldwide. Backed by its flexible facilities andexperienced staff, Naturex is able to provide customs formulations and ensuresthe incorporation of its ingredients into final applications.

                    Gatheringa multi-disciplinary team from all aspects of NatureX operations, a dedicatedsustainability committee is driving the entire program and has developed aspecific set of sustainability principles for the company. Our featuredproducts includes Dragon’s blood, Macaderm, Effineo, Aurealis, etc.